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Monday, April 17, 2006

Grading the Recruiting Class (Hoop Scoop vs.

I visited today to check out some recruiting news.

First, I noticed that Pierre Niles did not make the 2006 Top 25 Post Graduate listing. (BTW, Tyler Smith #3 who is still officially undecided is reportedly leaning toward Pittsburgh).

Second, I noticed that Memphis does not even make's top 25 recruiting classes. However Hoop Scoop has the Tigers at #8 with 29 points (#1 UNC has 46 points and #10 Georgia Tech has 24 points). also has UNC at #1 with 4.50 average recruit rating and #25 N.C. State with a 3.67 average recruiting rating.

Of course the reason why doesn't have the Tigers ranked is because only Willie Kemp received a top 25 position ranking. He received 4 stars and is considered the #6 Point Guard in the county. Hashim Bailey, Pierre Niles and Tre'Von Willis all received 3 stars, but were unranked in their respective positions.

Note that Tyler Smith is ranked as the #12 Small Forward and is a 4 star player.

Memphis' current rating (3.25 stars) would increase to 3.40 with the signing of Tyler Smith, but that is still below #25 N.C. State's 3.67 star average.

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