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Monday, April 10, 2006

Calipari Reportedly 'Overwhelmed' By Wolfpack Offer

David Glenn, Editor of the ACC Sports Journal, reported on his blog, , that N.C. State has offered Tigers Coach John Calipari a package worth $1.7 million per year. A coach said to be "close" to Calipari reported said the Tiger Coach was overwhelmed' by the offer and didn't expect that the University of Memphis could compete with such a large offer. This offer was under the reported $2.0 per year that was offered and turned down by Texas coach Rick Barnes.

Calipari's current deal is a base of $1.1 million annually but has built in incentives that can move the number as high as $1.5 million. In 2005/2006, Cal is supposed to receive at least $1.3 million after earning $200,000 for the Tigers winning the conference regular season championship, the conference championship and reaching the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament.

Cal also as a retention bonus built into his contract that will award him a $2.5 million annuity if he stays at Memphis for four more years.

Glenn's blog also mentioned that Louisville's Rick Pitino and Villanova's Jay Wright were also targets of N.C. State, but neither is considered likely.

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