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Monday, April 10, 2006

Memphis Needs a John Calipari

I disagree with some earlier posts saying that the University of Memphis will be just fine if John Calipari does indeed take another job.

Apparently some of you have forgotten the down years of the 1990's. Sure the Tigers made one Elite Eight apparance and another Sweet 16 in the 90's, but frankly I'm hopeing for the NCAA tournament annually with Sweet 16s pretty regular.

Yeah, I know that is what North Carolina does. Well, I think Memphis can be there, but there are not many coaches who can get you there.

Even Calipari is only 1 for 6 getting to the Sweet 16, but the future looks promising. If Cal leaves then things probably turn south.

Considering Memphis is not a North Carolina in tradition, and considering most people outside of the Memphis metropolitan area don't think of Memphis as a "Top 25" program year in and year out, Memphis needs a big name coach with a proven track record of recruiting and winning.
I still remember all of those names thrown around six years ago when Tic Price left this program in disgrace (at least when Dana Kirk left in disgrace, Memphis was a Top 10 program). Most were pipe dreams - and that was when Memphis was in a decent conference.

Mark my words, if Cal leaves, Memphis will be forced to go to another mid-major conference to find a coach (i.e. Winthrop, George Mason, Hofstra, Bucknell, etc.). Think Bruce Pearl.

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