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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SB Nation - Joey Dorsey Cut By Sacramento Kings - Character Issues the Issue

by Scott Schroeder on Mar 30, 2010 12:00 PM EDT

The Sacramento Kings decided they'd had enough of Joey Dorsey, as they cut the Dwight Howard of the D-League with eight games left to go in their lottery-bound season.

The internet was aghast with such news, but then Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski summed it up rather succinctly:

Kings cut Joey Dorsey largely for clownish behavior, source says. They don't consider him bad guy, but coaches feared his act rubbing off.

Artestify from Sactown Royalty expounds a bit in the comments of the StR story, saying Kings play-by-play man Grant Napear apparently mentioned on his talk show that Dorsey "said something to the effect of 'why am i practicing if i'm not gonna play' and then something that Grant couldn't even repeat...."

For a player that is already 26 and in just his second professional basketball season, off-the-court issues are probably the last thing the already undersized (6-foot-6 without shoes) power forward needs.

Unfortunately for Dorsey, this isn't the first time his mouth has got him into trouble.

In the 2008 Summer League, Joey Dorsey was ejected from a game for jawing with Dee Brown, even though Dorsey was a DNP! The NBA has done an excellent job of hiding the evidence (there isn't a youtube clip available), but Odenized has us covered.

What's next for Dorsey?

He could sign with the D-League, I guess, but that's a bit futile at this stage in the game. Next season is always a possibility, though.

He could try to latch on with an NBA team looking for an inside defensive presence, though he'd be ineligible for the playoffs and the Bucks have already added Darnell Jackson - leaving one less possible suitor.

He could just sit at home and wait for a Summer League invite. They'll be there.

Last, and possibly the best option, he could head overseas to make some money where he can talk as much as he wants as long as he goes to a team where nobody else understands him.

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