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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Agree With Bruce Pearl - Early Exit Players Like Rose and CDR Hurt the School's Graduation Rates, Can Cause NCAA Penalties

I brought up this exact thing two days ago in responding to a reader's comment. Think about it - Rose and CDR leaving early mean neither graduate and that works against the new NCAA rules for required number of players graduating. One and done and early exit players (while most likely really good players) can have a negative effect if the program loses scholarships. COACH

Pearl rips NCAA early-exit rules
Posted: Friday May 16, 2008 06:10AM ET

After a season during which Tennessee lost a basketball scholarship for poor academic performance, Coach Bruce Pearl on Thursday called for changes to NCAA rules that penalize schools when players turn pro early or voluntarily leave for other schools. Under the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate system, schools are penalized when players are academically ineligible or when they leave the program. Universities are most heavily penalized when a player who is academically ineligible leaves the program. Pearl said he supports the intent of the rules but worries that schools are being unfairly punished when players leave on their own or transfer to other schools after being dismissed for disciplinary reasons.

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