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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Andre Allen's Suspension Appears to Have Little Impact

Funny I was expecting a bit more national fallout over Andre Allen's suspension from the team for violating team rules. In the local media of Memphis, the suspension is being reported as a failed random drug test; however, no national media outlet has reported that and outside of university officials, no one really knows anyway.

I don't think the loss of Andre is a big deal for the team. I'm sure they are disappointed in him, but it won't affect their game plan. Memphis has had great success in the past week using their big guards to their advantage. This is not the time to change a strategy that is working.

Anderson at 6'6" and Rose at 6'4" are a big advantage over Allen's size at 5'9", even if Allen is considered a spark plug.

Look for Willie Kemp and Doneal Mack to take advantage of the situation. Additionally, both Kemp and Mack are much better offensive players and not the liability at the free throw line that Allen is traditionally.

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