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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Watching College Basketball - Thoughts on Other Teams

I watched the last ten minutes of the UCLA vs. Michigan State game on Tuesday. Considering Darren Collison is still out with the Bruins, I'd say they are the best team in the land. Wow! Every single guy can jump out of the gym. Whiel Kevin Love looks like a slow white guy, he is a monster. He has great touch and is a heady player.

Tonight, I caught the last half of Kansas State vs. George Mason. Michael Beasley also looks very impressive, though K-State appears a bit unorganized. I'm sure they'll be behind Kansas and probably even Missouri in the Big 12. I'd put them at or slightly ahead of Oklahoma.

I was really hopeing that UCF would knock off Villanova today, but once again C-USA lost. The conference looks very poor save Tulane's win over Auburn and Memphis, of course. While Cal has preached that the confernce improved last year over '05-06; I'm afraid they have regressed. UAB losing Paul Delaney for the season is very concerning.

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