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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Observations on the Tigers vs. Richmond

Well, unfortunately I was only able to see the first half live. I had to get my eight year old daughter home since the game was a late (8pm) start.

While I know the press is making a big deal out of the Tigers taking outside shots during the first half, I was generally pretty happy with the outside shooting. Memphis was 6 of 9 from the 3 point line in the first half (Correction - Memphis was 9 of 19 in the first half, thanks guys for pointing out my goof). How can that be a problem?

My complaint with the Tigers was on defense and in turnovers in the first half. Memphis had Richmond down 10 to 3 and 15 to 5 early and instead of putting the Spiders away early they let them back in the game. In my mind the problem was not the interior defense. Memphis had 10 blocks in the game and I believe most were in the first half in the lane. Both Doizer and Taggart looked good defensively.

I did not get to see any real magic from Derrick Rose. I believe he saved it all for the second half. Also CDR was pretty quiet in the first half but apparently came on stronger when the Tigers pounded in the ball inside late in the game.

Coach Cal credited Andre Allen's defense on David Gonzalez the last ten minutes as the difference. Willie Kemp had been too soft and Gonzalez torched the Tigers with some nice outside shooting.

From what I saw, I'd only give the Tigers a "C+". With the exception on the interior defense I though the overall defense was poor. Rebounding was also pretty poor as the Tigers repeatedly lost rebounds to Richmond.


George said...

thanks for the courtside observations. are you still checking the yahoo account?

Anonymous said...

Rose and CDR definitely saved their best for the second half. Rose's problems stemmed more from foul trouble than anything else. Spiders played a very physical style as well, which frustrated our bigs (playing w/o Joey). Antonio had worst game of his career; game definitely turned when Andre came in and locked down #5 for Richmond (can't recall his name).
Team really settled down with Rose on the floor...