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Friday, March 07, 2008

The future at Memphis

The future at Memphis

Derrick Rose seems to be perfect for the Memphis offensive attack of beating the guy in front of him and creating scoring opportunities for himself and others. With Tyreke Evans still in the recruiting mix, this seems to be his style of play to a "T." Who is better suited in the Memphis offensive scheme, and do you think Derrick and Tyreke could play together if Derrick stays one more year?

-- Mark from Dayton

Will Derrick Rose be around for another season?
Both players are well-suited for the offense because they thrive at taking their man off the dribble, can make tough shots on the move and have the ability to find the open man off the dribble. As the point guard, however, I give the edge to Rose because of his quickness and speed and ability to do more with fewer dribbles. Evans tends to do a lot of dribbling while sizing up his man. He then relies too much on the fade-away, long-range jumper for my taste – especially for a point guard. If he were to go to Memphis and run the point there, he will have to streamline his game. He'll need to make quicker bursts to the basket and make quicker passes.

Although his game is suited for Memphis – and is suited for any system as an elite prospect - Evans comes to mind when I watch D.J. Augustin play for Texas. There is a system where the point guard can dribble out a whole possession if need be. Texas' attack is based primarily on utilizing the high ball screen and having the point guard either take the shot or make the assist pass. This is the manner in which Evans has always played with his high school and travel teams.

And yes, Rose and Evans could easily play together. They guard different positions and are talented enough and smart enough to coexist. But I'm not sure how Rose is going to turn down being a top five-pick in the NBA draft.

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