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Sunday, March 30, 2008

FINAL FOUR ........................

It is going to be a fun week at work.

Next, the rematch. Memphis owes UCLA for 1973 and 2006.


George said...

who would have thought that the trio of allen, mack, and kemp would have so little offensive impact, at tournament time.

who would have imagined that rose would catch on so quickly, and assume the leadership, and yet be so humble.

or that dorsey would get his head on straight (OK he did try to rip the rim off the backboard)

but they should save the voting for the all americans to the end of the season.

how can you have augustin as first team all american, and rose on the third team?

Coach said...


We finally made it back to the Final Four. In 1985, it was three teams from the Big East (Georgetown, Villanova and St. Johns) and the outsider - Memphis.

In 2008, it is three storied programs and an outsider.

George said...

you are right, that everyone thinks of memphis as the outsider, and maybe that thought even works for us, if the players use it as motivation.

Anonymous said...

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