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Friday, October 20, 2006's Luke Winn Has Tiger #13 In First Power Rankings

Memphis Tigers

The VIP in the FedEx Forum for Friday's Memphis Madness isn't the skipper, John Calipari, or any of his current players -- it's a high-school recruit, Chicago point guard Derrick Rose. actually has Rose rated ahead of O.J. Mayo, at No. 3, in its Class of 2007 rankings, and while Rose is also considering Indiana, DePaul, Kansas and UCLA, he's rumored to be favoring the Tigers. As for the message Rose is sending by choosing to attend Memphis' first practice, his high school coach, Robert Smith, told the Chicago Sun-Times that he thinks Rose "wanted to go someplace close, somewhere he could drive to." Bloomington is drivable -- in five hours. Memphis, not so much. It's more like eight.

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