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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Joey Dorsey Arrested for Driving on a Suspended License

Tigers' Dorsey arrested after traffic violation

By Dan Wolken
October 15, 2006

Joey Dorsey, a junior forward on the University of Memphis basketball team, was arrested early Saturday morning after a police officer pulled him over for running a red light and discovered he was driving on a suspended license. Bob Winn, the UofM's associate athletic director for external affairs, said Saturday night Dorsey was only arrested because his license "fell into a category of either revoked or suspended" and that he had already been issued a warning for a previous traffic violation. Dorsey was released on bond and was at practice Saturday morning. Winn said Dorsey wouldn't face any sanctions from the university. "There was no speeding, reckless driving or any other charges other than the fact he disregarded a red light," Winn said. "It's a traffic violation, and that's the extent of it. He'll have to go to court and handle his court case and any fines. It is a traffic violation. That doesn't fall into any of the categories involving suspensions or anything. He got a traffic ticket. He'll have to take care of his own business. He'll have to pay it."

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