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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Memphis Fans Split over University's Decision to Reinstate Jeremy Hunt

I listened to several callers on Memphis sports talk radio this afternoon give their opinion on the affairs of Jeremy Hunt. Based on the reaction, I'd say many Memphians are against the University's decision saying Hunt does not deserve a 3rd chance on the Tiger's team.

I know a pastor in the inner city of Memphis who is a mentor to Jeremy and thinks highly of the young man. I respect "Tony's" judgment and would lean to his opinion.

Certainly Jeremy's prior conduct is suspect (at least what the media has reported). However, I believe that surviving the inner city of Memphis is difficult enough. I'm impressed that the kid took his punishment being kicked off the team 12 months ago and still chose to finish his degree. I seriously Jeremy will play basketball after this season - certainly at no high professional level. That college degree will change his life. Did Coach Calipari tell Jeremy he would reinstate him for a 5th year? Of course none of us know the answer and only Dr. Shirley Raines and staff could approve such an action anyway.

Does Memphis need Jeremy Hunt on this team? Well, certainly his 5th year senior leadership could be a plus after the loss of five players on last year's team (yes it was five - 3 seniors [ok, Simplice Njoya was kicked off the team mid year, but he still counts] and 2 underclassmen)

Consider this season's current roster

1 5th Year Senior - Jeremy Hunt
2 Red-Shirt Seniors - Almamy Thiero and Clyde Wade
1 Senior - Jered Sandridge
2 Juniors - Andre Allen and Joey Dorsey
6 Sophomores - Anderson, Cooper, CRD, Dozier, Long and McGrady
5 Freshmen - Bailey, Kemp, Mack, Niles and Willis

Also Shawn Taggart is a Sophomore but must sit out 2006-2007

Likely Starters
1 - Andre Allen, Jr.
2 - Antonio Anderson, So.
3 - Chris Douglas-Roberts, So.
4 - Robert Dozier, So.
5 - Joey Dorsey, Jr.

Likely 2nd Team
1 - Willie Kemp, Fr.
2 - Doneal Mack, Fr.
3 - Jeremy Hunt, Sr.
4 - Pierre Niles, Fr.
5 - Kareem Cooper, So.

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