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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy Seems Excited to Maintain Memphis on their Schedule

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy spoke at the Winston County (MS) Rebel Club last Thursday night. He noted that Ole Miss will play the University of Connecticut and the annual game against the University of Memphis. Kennedy said "Memphis is such an important recruiting area for us," said Kennedy noting that the Memphis game was a good way to promote Ole Miss Basketball in an area that produces great basketball players.

For all of the controversy about the relationship between Ole Miss and Memphis, I believe Kennedy's comments to be a positive. Let's face it, Memphis needs Ole Miss on the football schedule and Ole Miss needs Memphis on the basketball schedule (at least I think so). But many others feel differently.

John Calipari wants to drop Ole Miss so he can pick up another national game over a regional game. I can live with that. I'll take a Kansas, Wake Forest or Villanova for an Ole Miss.

As far as football is concerned, there are other regional options versus Ole Miss - Mississippi State, Arkansas, Louisiana Tech, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, NC State, Clemson, South Carolina, Illinois. I'm sure one or more of those would agree to a home and home series. Memphis is a good market for recruiting and several schools would welcome the exposure to the Memphis market.

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