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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Update of Memphis Class of 2007 Recruiting


Players listing interest in the University of Memphis (not previously committed to a school)

#2 PG 5 Star Derrick Rose, Chicago, IL

#4 PF 5 Star Herb Pope, Aliqippa, PA

#5 PF 5 Star Anthony Randolph, Dallas, TX


#13 PF 4 Star Alex Tyus, Cincinnati, OH
#14 PG 4 Star Maurice Miller, Memphis, TN
#22 C 3 Star Will Bogan, Bell City, MO (SIGNED WITH MEMPHIS)
NR SG 3 Star Randy Culpepper, Memphis, TN
NR SF 3 Star Jamine Peterson, Fitchburg, MA
NR PG 2 Star Malcolm Pope, New York, NY
NR PG 2 Star Josh Chavis, Greensboro, NC
NR SG 2 Star DeAndre Bynum, Memphis, TN
NR PG 1 Star Brandon Ayers, Holly Springs, MS
NR SF 1 Star Devin Ebanks, Brooklyn, NY


Anonymous said...

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Basketball said...

Brandon Ayers of Holly Springs High School is a freshman at Paris Junior College, Tx. This year Brandon obtained a Medical Red Shirt and had to watch from the sidelines this year, but he will be back in action next year.