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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Attacking The Zone

So Syracuse played zone defense the whole game.

I remember writing to a friend in March of 2007

(If Coach Cal wants to play the dribble drive motion) "he has to teach his team how to attack the zone, and they have to accomplish it so successfully that their opponents will want to go back to man to man. And it's real easy to attack a zone. I got a DVD for my son recently, about play in the Post. They had a chapter about how to attack the zone. Simple stuff. You position your men depending upon what kind of zone you see. You attack the seams with precise passing. You move the ball and not your feet. You don't dribble into the zone. Your offensive players make their move before or after the zone moves, not with it. In the post, you screen and seal your defender, before the ball rotates to your side."

Or you pop the three point shots. But then you have to make them. If Coach Cal insists on attacking the zone by taking three point shots, then he needs to be playing his best three point shooters. That would be Robert Sallie and Preston Laird.

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