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Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok, Breaks Over..............Poor CDR Fell Lower Than Joey Dorsey - My Tiger/Grizzlies Draft Analysis

Well, we can call this a draft analysis of both the Tigers and the Memphis Grizzlies.

As a fan you have to be very excited that a Memphis Tiger has made history as the #1 overall pick in the NBA draft. That will top off an incredible run for the Tigers and their very special point guard - Derrick Rose.

Sure we only got to know him for twelve months, but what a special twelve months it was.

And who would have thought that now Memphis fans have to figure out how to start liking Darrell Arthur - the Kansas Jayhawk that really tore up the Tigers on the interior in the National Championship game. Hopefully, he will fare much better than the last Jayhawk that came to Memphis - Drew Gooden.

Joey #33 to the Houston Rockets
CDR #40 to the New Jersey Nets

So tell me, if Chris Douglas-Roberts was honestly told that he would go mid-SECOND round BEHIND Joey Dorsey and not have guarnateed money, do you still think he would have skipped his senior season?

Don't get me wrong, being drafted is excellent. It is a childhood dream for most kids spending hours on the playground shooting hoops.

Rose #1 to the Chicago Bulls

Wow, now that is a dream come true. You get to be the #1 overall draft pick and go home to your hometown team - a high profile, big market team at that.

And what about the high profile, big market player, O.J. Mayo, coming to the way-under-the-radar Memphis Grizzlies.

The Griz are putting together a nucleus of a very talented, though very-young, NBA players.

I believe I saw the new projected starting line up as:

Point Guard - Mike Conley, Jr. (20 years old)
Off-Guard - O.J. Mayo (20 years old)
Small-Forward - Rudy Gay (22 years old)
Power-Forward - Darrell Arthur (20 years old)
Center - Darko Milicic (23 years old)(or Marc Gasol, or Kwame Brown, or some other very bad player)

So, how about the Tigers having three playes drafted just two years after having two players drafted (and one famously not-drafted, Darius Washington, Jr.)?

2008 - #1 - Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls
2006 - #16 - Rodney Carney, Philadelphia 76ers
2006 - #17 - Shawne Williams, Indiana Pacers
2008 - #33 - Joey Dorsey - Portland Trailblazers
2008 - #40 - Chris Douglas-Roberts - New Jersey Nets

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