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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Coaching Musical Chairs

Now that the most profiled coaching positions have been filled (and I mean no disrespect to Texas A&M and South Alabama), we can all relax and assume that Calipari is in Memphis for another year. I really doubted that he would leave considering the talent base coming back next fall and the fact that Cal has a rather sizable annuity coming due in a few short years.

It is funny to read all of the Arkansas blogs that swear Cal was offered the Razorback job. Cal says he wasn't and if your Arkansas that is better because you don't want to be turned down by Billy Gillespie, John Calipari, Dana Altman, etc. It sounds better if Cal never received an offer.

So was Cal lying or not? I have no idea and really don't care. I don't think he wanted the job. He probably didn't like the idea of wearing a pig on his head. Dana Altman certainly didn't look too comfortable at his press conference with Frank Broyles doing a pigsooee cheer (and I guess he wasn't considering he went back to Omaha the next day).

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