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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tiger Fans Unite!

Ok, I can't believe I can't find a blog out there with all of the Memphis Tiger fans I know. Not to mention the fact that this year's Tiger team gained lots of new fans. Yeah, yeah, the end was a nightmare, but I'm still very excited about the energy level and the success of the '05-'06 Tigers. This was by far the best team since the '84-'85 team led by Keith Lee. The 1992 Elite Eight team was an over acheiver with Hardaway and Vaughn.

As depressed as I have been today following the UCLA loss, I did get consoled by the losses today by UConn and Villanova. I feel like the majority of the nations best teams did not make the Final Four (albeit UCLA and Florida are legitimate top 10 teams).

So I am already gearing up for October 2006 - let the Freshman come on down.

Hashim Bailey, come on down
Pierre Niles, come on down
Willie Kemp, come on down
Tre'Von Willis, come on down

and Tyler Smith (we can make room for you, we just need that National Letter of Intent).

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